Simply select your favourite piece of silver jewellery and place your order with Puddy Prints. Once we have received your order we will endeavor to send out your impression kit within 2 working days. The kit contains everything you need as well as easy to follow instructions on taking a well defined print.

Now you have a print that you are happy with, just pop it in the pre paid envelope and post back to Puddy Prints along with your completed order form detailing the shape, finish and spellings.

As soon as we receive your impression kit back we will email you to confirm receipt and the details on your order form.

Puddy Prints will then get to work and perform our MAGIC!!

Three to four weeks later Puddy Prints will have perfected your unique, handcrafted silver jewellery and this will be posted back to you by special delivery. At this time we will also email again to inform you.

Sit back and wait to receive your special gift from Puddy Prints.

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